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Founded in 2005, 21century Bridal Fashion & Co., Ltd. is professional manufacturer and wholesaler of wedding dress, prom dress, bridal dress, formal dress, full dress, evening dress, ball gown, party dress and so on. We strive hard to meet customers' demands by using high quality raw materials for production of top quality products.

We take special care about quality control during the assembling process, from inspection of incoming components to the final assembling, so our products can meet even the highest quality requirements. We offers a wide range of wedding gown, prom gown, bridal gown, evening gown and related accessories in different styles. The fabrics used are satin, chiffon, organza, tulle, taffeta, georgette, silk, polyester etc. We also make wedding dresses, prom dresses, bridal dresses, formal dresses, full dresses, evening dresses, ball gowns, party dresses according to customer's design requested.

Now, we export and wholesale our products to the shops, outlets, stores, sale of USA, France, UK, Canda, Italy, Germany and so on. Offering comprehensive services and superior products, we welcome companies worldwide to cooperate with us. Send us your dress sample/photo, or tell us your request!

If you find the wedding dress you have your heart set on do not hesitate to make your purchase. We maybe the online website who provide the lowest prices with high quality on it's design as well as it's fabric. We have experienced shipping agents who can ship your goods safely and fast via DHL, UPS, Fedex and TNT with very good prices.

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Wedding Gown
Prom Dress
Bridal Gown
Bridal Dress
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Evening Dress
Evening Gown
Ball Gown
Party Dress
Flower Girl Dress
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The Rise of Group Buy Bringing Opportunity for China Luggage Leather Industry

What is the most popular thing in the Internet industry in 2010? It is group buy except micro-blogging , the key words of group buy mode are as follows: service products, local ultra-low discount, experiential marketing, social marketing and no logistics, which has created a new service industry--the B2C Blue Ocean market, the author forecasted that the group buy industry will bring a different market for China luggage leather industry in 2010. Most industry insiders said that with the acceleration of the process of Group Buy, it would form a strong demand for leather luggage market, and bring unlimited business opportunity... + More...
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